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24kGoldn Mood (feat. Iann Dior)

Álbum Mood (feat. Iann Dior)
24kGoldn - Mood ft. Iann Dior
hace 8 meses7m reproducciones
24kGoldn - Mood ft. Iann Dior
hace 7 meses20m reproducciones
24kGoldn - Mood Clean ft. Iann Dior
hace 6 meses14k reproducciones
24kGoldn - Mood ft. Iann Dior
hace 6 meses31k reproducciones
24kGoldn - Mood ft. Iann Dior
hace 7 meses6m reproducciones
Mood feat. iann dior Clean Version - 24kGoldn
hace 6 meses730 reproducciones
24kGoldn - Mood ft. Iann Dior
hace 8 meses953k reproducciones
24kGoldn - Mood FT. Iann Dior
hace 6 meses5k reproducciones
24kGoldn - Mood ft. iann dior Bass Boosted
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24K Goldn- Mood Ft. Iann Dior 1 Hour
hace 7 meses440k reproducciones
evan_xrv 13
Who else has been here with Iann from the beginning, now look where he is
LocalBangers XI
Iann and The kid Laroi need to do a song like if you agree
This is what iann dior meant when he said he was bringing his old sad style back, this slaps
Moussa Tair
This song reminds of Never Is Enough of Iann Dior. They look similar.
[Intro: 24kGoldn]
99% of the comments: Ski
Jacob Chavez
I hate how most of the comments are about a different song even this song is so good
Song: Posted on July 24
Two of the most underrated artist out there
Music this friday:
Treecee 13
They need a f*ckin lirical lemonade video
Anyone coming straight to this after Ski’s al lemonade premiere 💀
Who else was waiting for this song to drop?
Dixie Normus
Only people that didn’t come from tik tok can like this
Mateaaa a
I sympathize with this song. Reminds me of one person, many memories...
This is a summer hit, wish we could go outside.
Dhairya Dave
bro why everyone giving props to Iann, 24kgoldn the one who smashed it really
Tyler Geary
Came after ski anyone else
Jean Paul
24kGoldn goes soo hard on this, he is not like other trappers who are going viral by using
Wvshed RBLX
Use this as a "I didnt come from tiktok button and remembers og iann"