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BTS - Inner Child
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Nahid Sultana Lima
How many people LOVE TAEHYUNG.....??
It hits differently when you finally understand the .
MuSiC xxx
Imagine the entirestadium singing this song with him. I can't wait for this pandemic to end to see bts live 😭
yOu can'T spEll loVe without V
"forget what hurt you but never forget what it tough you"
Cherry blossom
"Inner Child, this song is for the little boy-imnida, who worked hard to become who I'm today. I'm singing to my past self, who was going through a rough time. It's my first bright solo track. I hope my fans will sing along & have fun, like at a festival."
Ayesha Azhar
Tae wrote this song to his younger self. He was born in a poor family and his parents were farmers. He also thought that eventually he would also become a farmer like his father. But now he is worldwide famous and is popular around the globe. Everyone knows the boy who came from a poor family and who thought he could do nothing. So he sings: We gon’ change. It means that everyone changes in their lives and become someone they couldn’t even imagine they would become when they were young.
singulari tae
bro imagine the whole stadium singing “we gon’ change”😭
Stacy Shadow
I cry when I'd image this when Tae say
Anica Dela Torre
A philosopher once said:
Varada Varier
"This song is for the little boy imnida"
Mimi Morris
This song takes me back to when i was getting adopted with my brother and how scared i was. i had no idea where i was going or what was gonna happen. I used to cry because i missed my birth family but growing up i had so much fun i was an outgoing girl who was not shy at all.
my name is vincent
just imagine all the stadium sing the line "you're my boy my boy" i bet even taehyung would cry hard
Who else thinks that the part" You're my boy, my boy, my boy" is like his grandma telling to the young Taehyung?
Ochieng Nabirye
literally every single song in this album is sooooo good
For me, personally this song is like
When Taehyung says " you're my boy,my boy,my boy,my boy,my boy" it's almost as if he is praising his younger self for going through the hard ships they had. He's telling his younger self how proud he is for pushing through and facing those hard times. Saying "we gon change" that means that it all turned out in the end and changed for the better and that all those hardships were worth it. 😣
Hamed Safi
Sushma G
V : We gon' change