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John Mayer - I Guess I Just Feel Like
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Emanuel Moreno
This is the song they play in the movie when the main character is reflecting on their mistakes while they're grabbing moving boxes
Ruggero Melis
the guitar tone during the solo cured my depression
Babe Lemin
People use weed and drugs to get high
Sunny Smiles
I feel like John went through all 5 stages of grief in one song. I bow down to the Master of current songwriters.
Luis Camacho
John Mayer is the last pop artist keeping the electric guitar solo alive. Keep fighting the good fight, John!
GautamB Sha
Josh Landis
I’m not one for usually posting comments, but felt the urge tonight. I currently have a lot of stresses in my life, so much so that today that I just needed to temporally get away from everything and go for a long drive. I’ve been a John Mayer fan since since day 1, and came across this song was the therapeutic medicine I needed. I replayed it over and over. Thanks John for continuing to put out music that connects to all of our emotions. You’re the best.
I guess I just felt like giving up today..
Shrikanth Das
I hope everyone who sees this comment right now will be healthy to overcome this coronavirus pandemic! Stay safe people 🙌🏽
Correct me if I'm wrong: but if you listen closely, you CAN hear bits of 'Theme from The Search for Everything', 'Emoji of a Wave' (
Daniel Kawalo
I guess I just feel like
Michael H
Where he says "If i go blind I'd still find my way" hit me so hard. Most beautiful part of the whole song
Loren4 Melo
Vim pela Roberta Vicente
Tell me this song doesn’t give you that “on a road trip with my earbuds in, staring out the window without a care in the world” kind of vibe
Sunny Smiles
There must be such catharsis and stress relief in being able to play your heart out and feel the problems melt away. I wish I had this ability, So Plan B is just listening to others who do have this gift... and John Mayer is the master.
AllSample Remixes
“The future is fading and the past is on hold...” Does this not describe exactly how things feel right now? This was a premonition...John somehow knew what was coming...
Andy Montalvo
The guitar at the end of the song is so funky and bluesy that is takes me back to the 70's. A great decade with great music! Love this song.
Joshua Beldad
John Mayer, is one of the guys who's still bringing blues in this new age <3
Black Bart
Vim pela roberta vicente, nice music!!!