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Julia Michaels - Hurt Again
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Inner Monologue Part 2 is out now!
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Julia Michaels - Hurt Again
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Julia Michaels - Hurt Again
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Julia Michaels ‚Hurt Again‘
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Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "f...
Grace WR
"I look into your eyes, and I'm ready to be hurt again." JULIA
Lauren Creighton
julia: "we'resobackandforthbythetimethatwefigureitoutwecan'tfigureitout"
this is how many people think she is underrated
Katery M. Severino
“You remind me of my past, that’s how I know that this won’t last”
Joey Ambrossio
If you look closely you'll see that the drawings on the cartons are moving!!
Erica Beato
it’s pretty sad how sometimes we enter relationships knowing that the other person may not be the best for us...but we cling to the hope that maybe our first impression was wrong and that they will be different. 😪
“I’m too opinionated, you’re mama’s gonna hate it” oOf I felt that!
Janna Bos
Am I the only one who falls in love with Julia Michaels music every time?
Came here after Selena Gomez story update
Elaine Kay
ok but I felt crazy until I realized that those doodles on the boxes do move... lmao
John G
“I can see the future it doesn’t look pretty” watching live on Fallon 👏🏾
rae lynne
It's literally 12:34 am and im listening to a bunch of music and I don't care but my phone has 5% soo...
Katarina Đajić
She's so perfect, but so underrated. Or at least deserves more attention 👌🏻❤️
Katery M. Severino
“You don’t fit in with my friends” accurate tho
Selena thank you for the song recommendation
M Rodriguez
I'm here for Selena 💞 now love this song
Haitian Beautee
I know some ppl say sad love songs makes it hard to get over a heartbreak/breakup. But for me it’s the opposite. It actually helps me heal and get over the hurt.
You know what makes all of her songs sounds amazing? HER VOICE
Douaa Siahoui
Who came from Selena's Story? ! 👋❤