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Taylor Swift – hoax
TaylorSwift - duración 3:42 - 5m reproducciones
by Taylor Swift performing “hoax” – off her album 'folklore.' Album available here: ...
hoax - Taylor Swift
familychannel - duración 3:41 - 1k reproducciones
This is the audio for "hoax" by Taylor Swift. From the album, "folklore". This song was wr...
Taylor Swift - Hoax
Marcos Mariano Silva - duración 3:41 - 84 reproducciones
Track 16 Taylor Swift Album: Folklore.
Taylor Swift - hoax HQ
Q. Sofia Carson - duración 3:42 - 296 reproducciones
TaylorSwift #hoax #folklore.
Taylor Swift - hoax
Cassiopeia - duración 3:36 - 45k reproducciones
Taylor Swift - hoax Follow Cassiopeia on Spotify: Taylor Swift - hoax Stream Download:...
Taylor Swift - the lakes
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by Taylor Swift performing “the lakes” – off her album 'folklore.' Album available here: ....
seven - Taylor Swift
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This is the audio for "seven" by Taylor Swift. From the album, "folklore". This song was w...
Taylor Swift - Hoax
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Taylor Swift - Hoax
Just Infinite - duración 3:48 - 7 reproducciones
TaylorSwift #Hoax #folklore Hi! Hola! Bonjour! Anneyounghaseyo! Mabuhay! Thanks for watchi...
Taylor Swift - hoax
BrunoTraductor Official - duración 3:42 - 624 reproducciones
Canal de Respaldo: @BrunoTraductor Official 2 •Artista: Taylor Swift •Canción: hoax •Album...
Taylor Swift - Hoax
WB - duración 3:41 - 13 reproducciones
TaylorSwift #hoax #folklorealbum.
this is me trying - Taylor Swift
familychannel - duración 3:16 - 2k reproducciones
This is the audio for "this is me trying" by Taylor Swift. From the album, "folklore". Thi...
Taylor Swift – exile feat. Bon Iver
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by Taylor Swift feat. Bon Iver performing “exile” – off her album 'folklore.' Album availa...
Eileen F
Reputation: an album for night
Chau Vuong Minh
I know that a lot of people consider this to be the worst song on folklore but this song is just so magical and beautifully written. ... Where are my hoax stans at????
Casey Martin
Next up. Taylor writes a book. And we all live for it.
Lil Gee
Unpopular Opinion: This song is underrated.
This is the saddest song on folklore hands down
Kaity Nick
Only for fans from the very beginning❤
Rangers Fan Jill
The piano line in this song is magic. Like rain or tears falling.
Upscale Avenue
Rashmi sarkar95
Reptutation: Stormy snow
anastasia bloom
this whole album is “sitting by a foggy window sipping tea on a rainy august night, with a cat curled in your lap while you read french poetry wearing a cardigan” kind of vibe.
len leyte
Taylor: "Your faithless love is the only hoax I believe in."
If her 1st album was Innocence,
Sagittarius Warrior
imagine listening to folklore album while sitting in a bus on a rainy day.
Son Goku
Paper Rings: "I'm with you even if it makes me blue"
Phương Hà
I have just realized that in The 1, the starts with "I", and in this song, the ends with "do". Is it an easter egg or more than it??
Noor Swift
Taylor Swift is the only artist who can write a song about something that she may never even experienced it but still hit you in the heart
The way she says “my only one” makes me feel like I’m her baby and she is singning me a lullaby. Ok. I cry
Farah Barrish
Taylor Swift: "you know I left a part of me in New York"
saad mollaei
"I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now"